SAIGE-COMPOSITE-DECKING /SAIGE-CHARCOAL-BLACK-WIDE-GROOVE SAIGE-COMPOSITE-DECKING /SAIGE-CHARCOAL-BLACK-WIDE-GROOVE SAIGE-COMPOSITE-DECKING /SAIGE-CHARCOAL-BLACK-WIDE-GROOVE Saige-Composite-Decking-Horsham Saige-Composite-Decking-Horsham Saige-Composite-Decking-Step-Redhill Grey-SAIGE-decking-in-horsham Grey-SAIGE-decking-with-lighting Saige-Composite-Grey-Decking Saige-Composite-Decking-Step-Redhill Long-View-Oay-SAIGE-decking Saige-Composite-Decking-Step-Redhill Oay-SAIGE-decking-With-Double-Gates


Composite Decking

Examples of colours and finishes of composite decking. There are many types of composite decking available. Here are three styles/brands that we recommend. Saige decking, Trex and Millboard.


Saige Composite Decking

With Saige composite decking there are two choices of profile: wide or narrow grooves. This composite decking comes in four colours: Charcoal, Oak, Redwood and Grey. The solid decking is suitable for commercial settings and the hollow decking is suitable for domestic gardens.

Some of Saige decking's clever features:

  • 10 year full manufacturer's warranty
  • Hidden fixing system
  • Expected Lifespan of over 25 years
  • Slip Resistant
  • No need to paint, sand and seal each year
  • Anti-splinter
  • Free of Toxic Additives
  • Fungi and mould growth are drastically reduced over conventional lumber
  • Consistent Product Colour
  • Heat resistant

Medium / Hollow Profile


saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle


Mid Groove / Grained Double Sided / Hollow Profile


saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle


Medium / Solid Profile


saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle saige composite red-bundle


Two Tone / Solid Profile


saige composite red-bundle



Trex-TIKI-TORCH-decking Trex-TIKI-TORCH-decking

If you are sustainability-conscious then Trex decking is a perfect decking choice for you. Trex recycles billions of shopping bags a year to produce this decking and they are made from 95 percent recycled material. Definitely a board for those desiring a sustainable and low-maintenance board. Trex decking is still going to look good in 25 years time and will be low-maintenance- never requiring painting or staining. The boards have a lovely wood feel and look to them. They are guaranteed for 25 years (10 years commercially) and will not rot or split - perfect if you have a damp back garden. They have a scratch resistant nature and the screws are hidden- this is great if you have kids that are going to use this area. For more information or to receive a sample- please contact us.


Trex decking

Trex composite decking is suitable for both commercial and domestic settings. A weather- resistant, low maintenance stylish and sustainable material. The colours and finishes echo that of the natural look of real wood. There are many benefits to having a trex deck installed:

  • Guaranteed for 25 years residentially
  • Guaranteed for ten years commercially
  • Made from 95 per cent recycled material
  • Will not rot or split
  • Never needs oiling or painting
  • Easy to install
  • Secret fix for a screw-less finish
  • Scratch resistant nature

trex composite decking


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