Decorative Aggregates, Chippings and Gravel

Spruce up your borders, beds, flower beds and paths without paving over the whole area

We can supply and install a range of decorative gravels and aggregates in your garden in areas around Surrey and Sussex. Using decorative gravels and chippings can bring colour, beauty, structure and a defined finish to your garden design.

When clients think of gravel they think of the common pea shingle or golden gravel but there is much more to decorative aggregates than those two. When used within an edging or border gravel can be an attractive landscaping element by bringing some color and texture to a garden not to mention the an excellent weed suppressant and great for drainage.

Below we have shown you a variety of the most popular gravels and decorative aggregates. All prices are subject to delivery


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  • Cheshire Pink

    Cheshire Pink

    A semi rounded gravel with brown, lilac, pink and white flecks. This gravel brings an earthy colour to your garden. This gravel is great for drives, paths and grounds cover.

    £95 per bulk bag
  • Scottish Cobbles

    Scottish Cobbles

    Scottish cobbles are sourced from beaches and are naturally round and tumbled. They contain a variety of colours and are a very popular choice for water features, garden features, borders and paths. There are a variety of sizes- from 14-20mm right up to 600-900mm. A mixture of sizes is often used in landscaping projects.

    Please enquire for the price
  • Scottish Cobbles

    Atlantic Pebbles 20 - 30mm - Bulk Bag

    Atlantic Pebbles 20 - 30mm - Bulk Bag

    £180 per bulk bag
  • Cotswold Buff

    Cotswold Buff

    Cotswold buff makes a lovely driveway or path. An angular stone with buff and cream tones. Settles in well in a variety of landscaping looks. Will bring a warm look to your garden and wears well. Also available in a gold tone.

    £136.99 per bulk bag
  • Green Granite

    Green Granite

    Angular green granite with speckled flecks. Olive green colour and darker when wet. Often used as an edging to a drive or in flower beds. This can also come in a red granite gravel.

    £105 per bulk bag
  • Pea Gravel

    Pea Gravel

    The most well known gravel. Popular for the price as well as the chestnut browns and multi coloured tones. A natural looking gravel used in ground cover, borders, beds, drives and beds.

    £92 per bulk bag
  • Mediterranean Cobbles

    Mediterranean Cobbles

    Something very unusual and a striking feature for your garden. Tumbled round cobbles with a variety of colours- reds, whites, greens, purples and oranges. Perfect for a garden feature.

    £310 per bulk bag
  • Green Slate

    Green Slate

    Slate chippings in light and medium green tones. Often used with other colour of slate. Used for paths, drives and ground cover.

    £98 per bulk bag
  • White Pebbles

    White Pebbles

    Pure white angular marble for drives and ground cover. These white pebbles will add a contemporary look to your garden. They will create a contrast when used alongside planting or rocks. A pebble to brighten up your garden and set off your modern look.

    £150 per bulk bag
  • Rhine Gold

    Rhine Gold

    Rhine gold has much brighter tones than pea gravel. Perfect to walk on when used in a path and also great for ground cover. This rounded gravel comes with golden yellow, white, amber and brown tones. This gravel will add a distinctive look to your garden.

    £90 per bulk bag
  • Green Paddlestones

    Green Paddlestones

    Tumbled rounds of large green slate. They look great around planting areas or used in water features. A wow factor in any garden- pieces range from 2 inches to hand size. Not advised for paths and drives. These paddlestones can also come in blue and purple colour.

    £165 per bulk bag
  • Purple Slate

    Purple Slate

    A very popular choice for paths, beds and borders. Purple slate chips can come in 20mm or slightly chunkier 40mm pieces. Especially good as a weed suppressant. The colour is attractive, especially when it rains.

    £90 per bulk bag
  • Mini Slate

    Mini Slate

    A smaller version of the 20mm slate chippings. These mini slate chips are 2-14mm and due to the size are not recommended for drives. There is a mixture of blue and plum tones and would be ideal for ground cover, paths and borders.

    £85 per bulk bag


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