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Clients often come to us asking how they can retain areas of their garden or change a sloping garden into terraces or raised beds. Railway sleepers are a versatile material that can be cut and installed in a variety of shapes and designs. Sleepers can give a natural and contemporary look to a garden. Softwood railway sleepers can be laid horizontally or cut and installed on their end to create curves, circles and a wall of varying heights.

In the photos we have used sleepers for the following:

1. Raised flower beds.

2. Steps and retaining walls.

3. Raised vegetable patch.

4. Used to retain soil before turfing works and other re-leveling of a garden.

5. Retaining hedging.

6. Edge to a patio installed on a sloped garden.

Types of sleepers

There are few different types of sleepers that can be used to landscape your garden.

New Softwood Sleeper



Mini Sleeper Machine Round


Oak Railway Sleeper


Softwood Rustic Sleeper


Reclaimed Railway Sleeper



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