High quality, attractive screens and trellis can be used to section off areas in a garden, increase privacy or be used as a structure in which to train climbers.

Ayegardening source quality panels that have a unique jointed construction- not to be compared with the well known DIY store's trellis! Quality, strength and attractiveness is key.

Diamond and square trellis panels

These can be made in any width and are ideal to grow plants up, use on top of walls to increase privacy or add interest to a garden by sectioning off areas.

Garden screens and privacy screening

Garden screens have horizontal pieces of wood that add a contemporary look to your garden. If you don't want to feel 'boxed in' but want to have extra privacy they are an ideal option as they will let light in and won't feel as heavy as fully closed panels. The privacy screens will add an extra addition of privacy as the gaps between the slats will be smaller than the garden screens. The panels can also be used to screen off bin stores, bike sheds, oil tanks or other unsightly areas.

Garden Arches

The rose arch or garden arch can be used to separate areas in your garden, whilst creating a beautiful structure by planting climbers alongside it - it can be used with the square or the diamond trellis infill.


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Below are the colour choices for all the screening panels, trellis and rose arch. A high quality, industrial-grade, water-based paint is used and the pieces are spray coated twice.

colour choices for trellis


ARCHES-ROSE Garden ARCHES Rose-Trellis Trellis-Panels-Natural-Finish Trellis-Panels-Natural-Finish Trellis Privacy Screening Privacy Screening

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