Here is a selection of our FAQs

You need to remember that your garden is essentially another room and needs as much thought as you would put to that of a new kitchen or new bathroom. Generally, the cost of fully landscaping an average garden will cost in the region similar to a new car or a new kitchen but this is all relative to the size of your house and garden. We have put together some of our projects with guide costs so you can see the costs associated with certain types of landscaping. How much does landscaping cost?

The term soft landscaping is used to describe the materials that are living, generally green materials like flowers, plants, shrubs, hedges and turf laying.

Hard landscaping are the features and materials that give the garden form and structure. Elements such as decking, patios, fencing, pergolas, brick walls, paths, ponds, water features and block paving.

We work in Surrey, West Sussex and Greater London.

Depending on the complexity of the job we may be able to email a quote a few days after the site visit. However, when calculating bespoke items we can take one week to come back with a quotation.

We accept debit card, credit card and bank transfer payments.

If you would like to have a garden completed by the Spring it is a good idea to get in touch with us during the previous Autumn so you can get your project booked in, in time and have plenty of time to plan the design. Gardens can also be landscaped in Winter, the only factor to consider is extreme weather conditions that can cause delay to the project and effect the workability of materials- the same can be said of a hot summer too!

Yes we can attend the initial site visit - up to 1 hour, for free. When you first call or email in to Ayegardening we will ask some preliminary questions so that we can get an idea of your project. We will ask for rough ideas of measurements, photos and access to the garden etc. We will discuss materials and elements that you would like in the garden. From this point if we can give you a ball park for the work we will. We will then arrange a suitable time to meet to discuss the garden in person.