Hedge Cutting, reduction and shrub maintenance.


Hedge Cutting Services

Are you looking for hedge cutting or hedge trimming in the Dorking, Crawley or Horsham areas? As part of our regular garden maintenance service we ensure our customers' hedges are kept neat and tidy.

However, Ayegardening can also provide one off hedge trimming, hedge cutting and hedge reduction.

Hedge cutting in the Dorking, Surrey areas

There will be a variety of reasons as to why you need someone else to trim your hedges. It could be that you don't have the right equipment, they may be too tall for you or quite simply you may not have the time to maintain them.

Why should hedges be maintained?

Hedges have to be pruned regularly to stimulate new growth and to keep them tidy. They need trimming so that they don't grow out of shape, too wide or bare outside. With a variety of professional hedge trimming equipment; we ensure that your small or very large hedge is cut beautifully. We would be more than happy to quote for a small hedge or a border of large hedges.

How can Ayegardening help?

Call or email us now to speak to the office to book your hedge in for a trim/cut or for hedge removal