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Aye's Advice: Winter Protection Tips for your Water Feature

Winter is a crucial time for you to think about how you can protect your water feature from frost so that they have many more years of use to come. 

In this post, we’ll go through a few tips on how to get your water feature ready for the winter months. We have based this guide on information from our water features suppliers, together with tips from our customers and what has worked for them. If you contact your water feature manufacturer they will be able to give you more details that are specific to your model. 

Water Feature Winter Care

Water features need some special attention to prepare them for the winter months. Firstly start with a general tidy up around the water feature, removing debris and leaves and cleaning the filter on the pump.

Solar Powered Water Features

It is not often that we install these as they are so easy to set up that our clients are able to source and install them on their own. Most suppliers suggest that as the solar powered water feature is plugged in then the unit can be unplugged. The reservoir can then be drained, pump removed and dried and the feature bought inside or into a garage. The water feature should be kept somewhere dry ready to bring out again in the Spring.

Mains Powered Water Features 

For the majority of our clients, they will have a hard-wired mains powered water feature. This means they won't be able to disconnect the pump.

It is important that you never let ice form in your water feature as the expansion of the ice can cause damage to the pump, reservoir and feature itself. Some manufacturers suggest that you can let your water feature run through the winter and the movement of the water will stop ice forming. Based on the material of your water feature you will need to research, using the suppliers guidance, the best solution for your feature.

We would recommend that if you have a small reservoir that you empty it of water. Purchase a fountain cover to protect the water feature from the winter elements. Any water feature that has a chance of being affected by surface damage due to frost should be either bought inside or covered.

For larger reservoirs or reservoirs difficult to empty it won't be practical to empty all the water. It is important that the pump is not left to run dry so make sure to top up the reservoir with fresh water. As long as the pump is fully submerged under deep water it should be safe from ice damage.

A product that you may want to consider using, to prevent the water in your water feature freezing, is Fountain Frost Free by Primrose. Alternatively some clients have placed a tennis ball in their reservoir which has prevented the ice forming.

Terracotta water feature
Empty all water from the feature if there a chance of any water freezing.
The waterblade is designed so that only a minimum of water stays in the unit - you may still need to drain the reservoir.
stainless steel water feature
Small water feature reservoirs can be easily emptied for winter.

Aye’s advice:

  • Always seek professional advice if you are not familiar with your water feature set up.
  • Always refer to your own manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for specific advice for your water feature.
  • Garden irrigation will also need individual care in the winter months.
  • Read here to see how you can prepare your garden for the winter.