Large patio construction in Redhill, Surrey

  • A large patio in Kashmir buff sandstone.

    The client, Lisa, contacted us after seeing our post on the Redhill and Reigate parent network Facebook page. She was looking for a company to take up her old rotten decking, sort out the levels and replace with an indian sandstone.

    We arranged a site visit and came out to meet Lisa and look around the site. Lisa knew the exact type of stone that she wanted so she had made trips to various stone suppliers and had chosen Kasmir Buff sandstone.

    Next we had to discuss the design of the patio. The client wanted to have beds either side of the entrance side of the patio and then one long bed against the house on the large side of the patio. We discussed the steps and levels and finalised plans.

    The previous decking had been stepped and was above the damp proof of the house. The old decking had also sloped towards the house which over time would have caused potential damp issues. We had to ensure our paving was constructed to the correct levels and get rid of the previous stepping - the client wanted it all one level. What once seemed to be the biggest issue actually got sorted amazingly by our team! It is hard to believe that once the decking was so high in places!

    The first job was to take up the old decking and sub frame. We found a few surprise drains under here that had to be sorted and even someone had used a lunchbox like a junction box for the electrics!! Once all the old decking and frame were taken away we started to sort out the drainage, extending some drains and laying in new cabling for the lighting.

    We bought in the MOT type 1 for the sub base and compacted it. Next we started to do the blockwork for the shape of the flower beds and the steps took shape. Then it was time to start laying the paving. The client had chosen no edging as this was the look she was going for. After all the paving had been laid and steps constructed it was time to point. The lights were installed at this point too.

    For this project we chose Larsens GPM in buff. The result is a beautiful natural stone patio that really suits the surroundings and fits in well. The colour choice from the client was superb! An absolutely stunning patio that will provide a wow factor for any visitors.

    A similar sized patio and pathways in this size and stone would cost around £12,000 - £13,000+VAT