Long shot of the whole of the resin drive

How we transformed the front of a 1930s family home with a resin-bound driveway, to give it the perfect kerb appeal.



Facts & Figures SureSet approved installer Ayegardening

Who lives here? Clare, Billy and family

Location: Dorking, Surrey

Garden Dimensions: Approx. 7m x 12m

Maintenance Advice: Resin Driveway, Irrigation, Fencing

Why we loved this project: The landscaping of the front of the house totally changed the look and feel of this property, demonstrating how careful attention to detail and materials can transform a home from the outside.

The Client:

Clare is a mum-of-two with a deep interest in design. Her clever vision for her home accentuated the period details of the house, whilst bringing the whole plot right up to date. Clare was keen to get the whole project completed by September so that she could focus on the preparations for her forthcoming wedding.

The brief:

Clare wanted a striking, simple design for the front of her house, in colours that would work with the newly painted exterior of the property. She needed space to park two cars, but also wanted to include an element of planting to soften the look, as well as a small patch of grass to the kerb that was required by local planning. She had seen a gravel used at a local property that she liked, and wanted a resin driveway in a similar tone.

Timing was of the essence in this project, and we had to work efficiently to complete the landscaping before Clare’s wedding. This gave us a 4-6 week window between the exterior painting of the house, and the Big Day.

The house and driveway before the works
Before photo of the driveway

The solution:

A tree surgeon removed the obstructive willow tree at the front of the house, as it was lifting the existing paving. This opened up the area to provide the space needed, as well as preventing any ongoing damage to the new driveway. Our team then got to work whilst the exterior painters’ scaffolding was still up!

Clare chose a resin driveway for its practicality as well as good looks. Resin is permeable, but unlike gravel driveways, the stones are set and don’t migrate. The colour of Clare’s resin driveway was understandably important, and she did a lot of research and site visits to find the right blend. Being SureSet approved contractors, we used their “Butterscotch”blend to achieve the colour Clare had chosen.

As the driveway was permeable, no planning permission was needed for this project, despite the significant change it made to the look of the property.

To lay the resin, we first had to put down a base layer. Concrete or tarmac can be used in this kind of project, but we recommended a cellular grids as the base. This is because concrete is not permeable, and tarmac would not have been cost-effective for a small space such as this. We laid the cellular grids on top of a Type 3 sub-base and then filled the grids with aggregate. The pipes of the new irrigation system were put down, and then the resin was then laid on top. We were careful to leave space for the drain cover and water inspection cover –elements that need to be incorporated into your driveway and not forgotten!

When laying resin please keep in mind that you can’t walk on it for 24 hours, or drive on it for 48 hours. Fortunately Clare had some understanding next door neighbours who were happy to allow access through a raised fence panel onto their property until the resin had set.

The driveway was framed by carefully chosen sets around the perimeter and flower bed, to give a neat and defined finish. We installed new Jackson's premium fencing on either side of the property, adding a trellis to the left-hand side to retain the height of the previous boundary. We left a space in the resin to plant jasmine, which will be trained over the new trellis to soften the fencing.

Clare knew that she wanted planters on either side of the door, and together with the themed planting of the beds, the plants add the finishing touch to this beautiful transformation.

Client focus:

We love this project, as it allowed us to use the contemporary materials that we love to accentuate the period details of this stunning house. It was a delight to work with Clare, as she had a clear vision for her home, but was open to our suggestions as to how we could achieve the look that she was aiming for. We worked as a team with our client and together achieved what Clare was looking for.

The perfect start to married life!

Woodblocx raised beds with resin drive
Resin driveway Dorking
Grey sandstone setts with resin bound

If you need help to design an outdoor space that complements your home, whatever your budget, give us a call to discuss your ideas, and let us help you bring them to life!

Jacksons fencing
resin bound driveway complete
resin bound driveway