Garden Lighting

Garden lighting in Surrey, Sussex and Greater London areas

How do I know which lights to choose?

Garden lighting design is all about choosing the correct lights to enhance features of your garden and not overpower them. If you are looking for garden lighting ideas then we have created a simple guide for you to take a look at some of the outdoor lighting that is available. Elegant wall lights can light round a paved area, down a pathway or be fixed to a pergola to create an up and down lighting effect. Spot lights can be embedded in paving and be used to light up pathways and illuminate water features and sculptural planting.

Flood Lighting

Floodlights have been used for many years in a commercial setting to illuminate sports pitches, shop signs and car parks. Whilst being a practical deterrent to keep intruders away from your home, particularly when operated with sensors, they are increasingly being used in the domestic setting. Flood lights can also be used creatively to accentuate a tree or garden feature.

Eye lid step light
eye lid step lightEye lid step lights

These eye lid step lights are ideal for illuminating retaining walls and steps. Cross lighting steps not only makes sense practically to highlight their location but also can create a soft glow across the surface of the step allowing the colours and textures to be accentuated.

Hunza Euro and Hunza Pillar Lights - s/steel
Up downs lighing Hunza Pillar Lights - s/steel

Pillar lights are an elegant addition to any garden wall or porchway. Pillar lights can light in one direction or both upwards and downwards. They can create a frame around entrance ways, enliven walls or they can be used on pergola posts and around patios.

Collingwood and Hunza spike lighting
Up downs lighing Hunza Pillar Lights - s/steel

Garden pole or spot lights on a spike are one of the most popular ways to light up a garden. They are versatile as they can be placed in the soil or lawn to light up some planting, a feature shrub, water feature or other garden feature. They can be positioned to get the effect that you desire.

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