garden crawley patio installation

A similar sized landscaping project in this size would cost around £10,000 - £12,000+VAT

Before photo Crawley garden


The client, David, approached us to landscape his garden which was a blank canvas and needed something for entertaining his grandchildren, low maintenance and an outside area to eat. From our initial discussions we priced up some potential areas in the garden and the client asked us to come round to discuss the plan on site. Aye and I went for the site visit and sketched up a design with the client and it was agreed the shape of the garden.

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The Challenge

We hand dug the garden for the foundations of the patio and the artificial grass. It was a new build house so there was lots of poor soil and clay to come out. We had to make sure the right hand border had good soil as this was going to be planted out along with some other pockets of planting near the patio.

Key Points

Mint sandstone setts edge the curves of the patio nicely. Curved beds in the patio add interest and you can plant climbers in them to grow up the pergola. Even if you have artificial grass for practical reasons you can still have flower beds for planting.

If you would like more information on maintaining the following elements of your garden please see here:

Artificial grass maintenance

Mint sandstone maintenance 

Front garden
We also landscaped the front garden for the same client a few years later
Mint sandstone patio and pergola
Sandstone patio Reigate

"Sound professional guidance and excellent completion to what was a blank canvas"