Tadworth complete landscaping
A guide price for a project this size (not including planting or designer fee) would be around £60,000 - £70,000inc VAT.
Before garden photo Tadworth


Our clients approached us with a design by New Leaf Designs. The aim of the garden renovation was to build a new modern raised patio onto the new extended entrance to bring the outside level with the inside. Flush planters were planned to go on the patio clad in the same stone as the patio paving.  In addition to the raised patio area, there would be a new millboard decking area and a lawn.  The design included two bespoke pergolas which will be planted with climbing plants. One lean-to pergola to the side of the house and one bespoke pergola to the side of the patio, acting as both a balustrade to the patio, and as a side access to the lawn.


Working with designers

Ayegardening has formed close relationships with a few select garden designers, one of them being Ivan Tucker from New Leaf Designs. We have written a blog on this project which you can find here: Tadworth Garden Renovation

Design by New Leaf Designs

The Materials

The bespoke pergolas were expertly made by a local metal fabricator called Matt Jacobs - they were finished in the same colour as the fascia of the new door extension.

Millboard decking in coppered oak with a composite frame was chosen for a low maintenance and luxurious look.

The paving, stepping stones, steps and raised bed cladding is slab khaki porcelain paving by London Stone.

The lawn was overshadowed by trees and due to the high water table didn't do well as was full of moss. The decision was made to install an artificial grass lawn which will be used by the family to play games such as table tennis. The grass is Serenity by Namgrass.

The pleached trees are Photinia and are newly pleached which they are more cost effective but need more patience in regards to filling out with foliage.

Millboard decking installer
Pergola installation Surrey
Whole garden transformation
Raised patio installer
Heidi and Graeme

A huge thanks to Susan, Aye and team #dreamteam for the transformation of a dark and shady garden. We love the result and you were great to work with! It has certainly made the garden feel bigger and one that we can now proudly entertain in once the finishing touches are complete (planting and furniture!!). Thank you again, you've been awesome.