Resin Bound Surfacing

Resin Bound Surfacing

Crawley, Horsham, Dorking, Redhill and Reigate areas

Surrey, Sussex and Greater London areas

Get the wow factor for your drive or garden!

Do you like the look and natural feel of a gravel drive but hate the gravel migrating and pitting? Well, a resin bound surface may be the perfect solution for you. Resin bound drives are made by mixing clear resin with high quality natural aggregate. There are a variety of base options including SureCell® reinforced grid structure or a new base. In some cases SureSet can also be laid onto existing and new concrete surfaces. The result is a smooth, hard-wearing, accessible, permeable finish which will most definitely get the neighbours talking. A stunning surface that will give you a low-maintenance but beautiful

Why permeable paving?

Climate change and the increase in rainfall is a current concern. Surprisingly it is the surface water that runs off hard standing areas that contributes more to flooding than overflowing rivers. Due to this discovery the government introduced new legislation in 2008 requiring planning permission for non-permeable drives over 5sqm. No planning permission is required with SureSet as it is SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant.

SureSet surfacing - smooth, durable and attractive

What does resin bound surfacing cost?

As with any landscaping service you may have no idea of the costs involved with resin bound surfacing. What we always say is this... if you have an ugly non permeable tarmac drives that lasts say 10 years why wouldn't you pay for a drive that lasts double that time and is attractive, has the wow factor, no weeds and is permeable? Quality costs but quality is worth it and it is cost-effective. Always look for the long term value in any project and just think of the value it will give to your home. So back to the question: How much does SureSet resin bound paving cost? Every project is priced individually and will be dependent on a couple of factors. The size (square metres) of the area, stone type and what the area will be used for. Please contact us with this information and we will happily provide you with a quotation for the installation.

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