Snow Clearing Services in Dorking areas

Ayegardening offers snow clearing services to domestic and commercial customers in the Dorking area. We use mechanised and manual snow clearing equipment to clear paths, drives, roads and car parks. Our snow clearing services can be supplied on a contractual basis (proactive) or as a one off (reactive). With a contractual agreement in place we would guarantee to provide the service when it is required - e.g snow clearing at night or early morning if sub zero temperatures are predicted.

If you are a commercial client, are you meeting health and safety requirements by putting snow clearing and gritting plans in place to ensure that in the event of ice and snow your site is as safe as possible for staff, customers or visitors? The HSE Health Safety and Welfare Regulations - Approved Code of Practice, states: "Arrangements should be made to minimise risks from snow and ice. This may involve gritting, snow clearing and/or the closure of some routes, particularly outside stair, ladders and exposed walkways."

Which towns do we provide snow clearing for?

We currently provide snow clearing for Dorking commercial and domestic premises.

What is the first step to put snow clearing plans in place?

The first step is to visit the site for a survey. Our proposal will include an aerial photo of the area: highlighted with the roads/car parks/walkways That are to be cleared and where the snow is to be deposited. We will include our health and safety policy and a risk assessment of the site.The proposal will also detail the terms of the snow clearing.

How much does our snow clearing service cost?

The price for the labour for snow clearing is £60 an hour for call outs. For contracts it will be a set price as a site survey would have been carried out and we will know your site.

Details of our proactive service.

When do we start clearing and how do we know when to clear?

We reguarly receive weather warnings from the met office. With our proactive service we would have already discussed access to the site and times to visit, i.e before 8am etc. We only offer our proactive snow clearing service to Dorking clients so that we are local and can easily get to the site.

How is snow removal carried out?

We use our snow plough for large areas such as car parks and roads. For paths and walkways we will use a snow shovel. If snow is falling we will need to review the situation at your site to ascertain the best time for snow removal.

Where is the snow deposited?

When we visit the site for a survey we will discuss and agree with the client safe places to deposit the snow.

What types of commercial customers do we work with?

We provide snow clearing services to offices and business parks; car parks; schools; kennels; doctor's surgeries and industrial estates.

Some examples of our Snow Clearing Services

snow clearancesnow clearingsnow clearancesnow clearing service



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