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A strong, well made fence is important for security, privacy and to create a boundary to your garden. There are many styles, heights, colours and materials for fencing. We can help you decide on the best one for your requirements and your property. We can install fences with concrete or timber posts. Ayegardening can also repair damage to existing fences and construct gates to match existing fencing.

If you’re buying a timber product to be located outside, whether it’s fencing, a garden shed or an arbour, then you need to know about how the timber is treated and the difference between pressure and dip treatment. Treating wood is very important, as over time timber will become increasingly susceptible to rot and insect attack which can severely damage it.

What is dip treatment?

Dip treated products are generally cheaper than pressure treated equivalents as the process of dip treating takes less time, leading to lower labour and storage costs. However, the treatment will thin and fade over time and most manufacturers recommend annual repeat treatments to comply with their guarantee conditions. They will also advise that you isolate a dip treated product from the ground using a pressure treated gravel board. Although they are cheaper to buy, you need to weigh up what is important to you, whether you want to save money initially or to spend more time and money treating the product annually.

What is pressure treatment?

The process of pressure treating, or vacuum pressure impregnation as it is officially known as, involves a longer process. Firstly the wood is dried naturally using air flow or a kiln, this removes moisture from the wood so it is ready to be treated. Next the wood is placed into a pressure treatment tank, and air is removed via a vacuum. Then the tank will be flooded with preservative liquid, and finally the excess fluid is extracted using a vacuum again. The low pressure of the wood draws the preservative deep into the grain of the wood making for a fully treated piece of timber. Pressure treated products can usually be identified by their green tinge finish when new, but this will fade to a honey brown colour over time, naturally blending into your garden. Weathering will not affect pressure treatment, so it will last much longer.

Grange contempory fencing

What types of Garden Fence Panels are there?

Fencing styles are often chosen based on the age and style of the property, whether the fence is for security or denoting a boundary, individual tastes, aspect of the garden and client's budget

Strong Fence Panels

Closeboard Panel, also known as feather edge fence panels, heavy duty, incredibly strong and durable.

Overlap Panel
Overlap Panel

The lap Panel comes fully framed. An ever popular choice for reliability and ease of use. Ideal for use with timber or concrete slotted posts.

Grange fencing
Decorative Fence Panels

Grange Elite St Meloir fence panels are a truly beautiful addition to your garden. Grange have mastered the perfect combination of high quality fencing at affordable prices

Tongue and groove fencing

One of the many designs from Jacksons Fencing - premium, top quality fencing.

Cedar battens and screening

Western Red Cedar premium slatted screen boards are the ideal choice for natural beauty and durability. Cedar brings a natural warmth and character to exteriors that will last for years to come. v

Trellis Panels

Trellis panels not only enhance any outdoor environment but also offer additional privacy and security solutions to your home and garden.

Picket fencing
Picket Fence Panel

A timeless choice for front garden fencing or surrounding play areas. Simple and unobtrusive for added kerb appeal.

Chestnut Paling
Chestnut Paling

A natural and rustic looking fence.